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Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
John HOUSTON ABT 1882 Jean Barr SWEET 22 MAY 1883

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Marriage 4 FEB 1947
Death 29 JUL 1988 Edinburgh


The Scotsman 25 January, 1947
Forthcoming Marriages
Mr J.G.Houston - Miss E.M.Stewart
The marriage between John Gray Houston, Singapore son of Mr and Mrs John Houston, 4 Lauder Road, Edinburgh and Elizabeth Maud younger daughter of Rev. Dr John and Mrs Stewart, 23 Priestfield Road, Edinburgh and formerly of Manchuria will take place at Mayfield North Church on 4th February, 1947 at 2:30 p.m. All friends will be welcome at the church.

The Scotsman 5th February, 1947
At Mayfield North Church, Edinburgh on 4th February, 1947 by the father of the bride assisted by the Rev Donald Ross M.A. John Gray Houston of Singapore son of Mr and Mrs John Houston, 4 Lauder Road, Edinburgh to Elizabeth Maud younger daughter of Rev. Dr John and Mrs Stewart, 23 Priestfield Road, Edinburgh and formerly of Monkden, Manchuria

The Scotsman 5th February, 1947
The Rev Dr John Stewart officiated and gave away his daughter Miss Elizabeth Maud Stewart, when she was married yesterday to Mr John Gray Houston, Singapore, son of Mr and Mrs John Houston, Lauder Road, Edinburgh. The Rev. Donald Ross assisted at the ceremony which was held in Mayfield North Church, Edinburgh. The bridegroom spent three and a half years as a prisoner-of - war after the fall of Singapore, to which he is returning with his bride in a few weeks time. Mr W.C.Barr Cochrane, best-man, was also a prisoner -of-war in the East. The bride was domestic science teacher at St. Hilary's School and captain of the Girl Guides there. The Guides formed a guard of honour. A white charmeuse satin gown was worn by the bride with a long pointed train, a veil of net and old lace, and an orange blosson headdress. She carried white carnations. Miss Margaret Burrows and Miss Catriona Macpherson, the bridesmaids, wore pale blue frocks with headdresses and bouquets of red tulips. Dr. and Mrs. Sewart held a reception at the Charlotte Rooms.
Prisoner of War Record


written by Gray Houston himself I think:
Number 13333 L/CPL Houston
John Gray Unit: S.S.V.F. [Singapore Straits Volunteer Force]
DoB 4 8 17 date of enlistment July 1939
Private address: 4 Lauder Road, Edinburgh 9 Tel 44893
Place and date of capture: Singapore 15.2.42

Camp or hospital Dates Camp Leader
Changi Spore 17.2.42 to 14.5.42 Malya Command
River Valley Road Spore 14.5.42 to 12.10.42 Col. Heath
Bang Pong Thailand 16.10.42 to 26.10.42
Nong Pladuc Thailand 26.10.42 to 23.4.43 Col. Gill R.A.
Kamburi Thailand 23.4.43 to 13.5.43 Capt Rennick, Sherwoods
Kamburi Base Hospital 14.5.43 to 12.7.43 Col Malcolm RAMC

Eric Birkett notes:

Educated at George Watson's College, Edinburgh 1928-34. Ben Line Steamers in Leith. Paterson, Simons & Co, merchants in Malaya 1939. Straits Settlement Volunteer Forces 1941. Prisoner of war under Japanese 1942-45 mainly on Burma railway. Married 4 February 1947 Elizabeth Maud Stewart, Domestic Science teacher, youngest daughter of Rev John Stewart DD of Aberdeen Church of Scotland, missionary in China. They lived in Singapore, Klang and Kuala Lumpur. Returned to UK in 1957. JGH became a Circulation Representative with the Scotsman until 1959 when he became Accommodation Officer at Dundee University. Retired in 1982 to Edinburgh and died in 1988.
Prisoners of war transcription, FMP
John Gray Houston
Lance Corporal number 13333
Prisoners of war, Far East: British POWs in Thailand and Saigon as at 1st August 1945; nominal roll
Archive reference WO 361/2196
Passenger Lists:

Mr J G Houston Male
Aged 21 Shipping Clerk
Departure: 23 Feb 1939
From Liverpool to Singapore
Ship Hector 147282
Master:J K Dunlop
Blue Funnel Line
Destination: Japan
Ship's tonnage: 6841
Number of passengers 78

Mr J G Houston Male
Aged 29 married Mercantile Assistant
Departure: 28 Feb 1947
From London to Singapore
Ship Ben Cruachan number 181174
Master:W E R Eyton Jones
Ben Line Steamers Ltd
Destination: China
Ship's tonnage: 4775
Number of passengers 10
John's wife Elizabeth accompanied him on this trip, they had married only a fortnight before.

Mr J G Huston Male aged 33 married Merchant
departure 4 May 1951 From Southampton to Singapore
Ship: Carthage
Master: Captain E R Bodley
Shipping line: P&O
Destination Hong Kong, China
Number of passengers: 384
John's wife Elizabeth accompanied him on this trip.



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John Gray Houston POW record