Sweet Family West of Scotland

Alison Grant SWEET

Person Chart


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
Wallace Graham SWEET 6 JUL 1876 Jean BROWN 2 Jan 1878

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 17 OCT 1917
Death 1999 New Kirkpatrick, Glasgow


Eric Birkett notes

Beautician, then with KLM at Prestwick Airport as Ground Hostess. With WRNS at Aultbea, Wester Ross 1940 - 45. Receptionist at Creggans Hotel, Strachur, Argyll. Lived with Barbara her sister

According to Alison, Giles Sweet in Somerset, England lent or gave £5 to the Royalist cause during the English Cvil War in 1640s. As a result, during Cromwell's Commonwealth time he had to flee from England. He settled in Krk Yetholm, Roxburghshire about3 miles into Scotland. One of his descendants 'espoused' Anne Bowes-Lyon of Glamis in Forfarshire and so (Alison) wonders if she may be related to the [late] Queen Mother. Alison is also interested in the family connection with Grahams of Montrose; her father had a certificate from Clan Graham society which stated that Alexander Sweet and his heirs in perpetuity were members of the Clan Graham Society. the certificate is now lost. Alison had asked her Aunt Jean about it but she was vague on the matter- deliberately so, Alison felt, as there was something odd, why else was Alison the double of the late Duke's daughter Lady Jean Graham, having been mistaken for her several times especially in Brodick, Isle of Arran where Jean Graham lives. Aunt Jean also said that she thought that her father had a step mother names Mary Graham

[PMS adds, Ths needs to be taken with a large degree of scepticism. there is some evidence to support some of this but a large part is subjective]. Alison also records that Giles' descendants "James Sweet, a blacksmith I think, espoused Anne Bowes-Lyon".Discount the Bowes-Lyon part, but i wonder if there was a James S who was a blacksmith.