Sweet Family West of Scotland

Robert SWEET

Person Chart


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
John SWEET abt 1767 Catherine BREWES (BRUCE) ABT 1767

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 4 SEP 1798 Newcastle, Northumberland, England
Christening 30 SEP 1798 Newcastle, Bottlebank Gateshead
Marriage 19 JUN 1835 Yetholm, Roxburgh, Scotland
Death 9 JUL 1866 Woodchester, South Australia


In the South Australian Government Gazette for June 1863 there is an entry for unclaimed letters for Robert Sweet, Sweet's Station, near Adelaide. Could this be where he was prior to going to Woodchester?

Registration of the land in Robert's name in the South Australian Government Gazette.

His father is John Sweet, Robert born of a second marriage the first being to Isabella Turnbull.

"Anne married her full cousin" (Northern Forester). I need to find John's father to prove the cousin claim.
Pigot's directory of 1837
The entries for Yetholm, Linton and Morebattle list :

Gentry and Clergy: Rev R Shirra Town Yetholm
Linen drapers Robert Sweet Town Yetholm
Shopkeepers and dealers in groceries Robert Sweet Town Yetholm
Places of Worship Original Burghers Town Yetholm Rev R Shirra and Rev John Hastie.

From this I deduce that Robert was running the market garden, selling his produce in his shop as well as having a linen drapers shop.
1841 census Yetholm:
Robert Sweet aged 39 Gardener born in England
Ann Sweet aged 32 not born in county
Jane Sweet (became Jean) aged 6 born in county
Catherine sweet aged 4 born in county
Mary Sweet aged 6 months born in county
Thomas Sweet aged 81 Independant not born in county [visiting his daughter]
Fanny McCrone aged 21 servant not born in county

1851 census:
Robert Sweet Head Married aged 50 Nursery man and gardener born Newcastle, England
Ann Sweet Wife married aged 49 born Glasgow, Lanarkshire
Catherine Sweet daughter unmarried aged 13 scholar born in Yetholm, Roxburghshire
Mary Sweet daughter unmarried aged 10 scholar born in Yetholm, Roxburghshire
John Sweet Son unmarried aged 8 scholar born in Yetholm, Roxburghshire

Jean Sweet is staying with her cousin Thomas Sweet at 219 Duke Street, Glasgow
from "The South Australian Advertiser 31st. March, 1859. Robert Sweet gave ten shillings to a Bushfire Relief Fund."

16th. Feb., 1861, "Mr. Sweet found a large fish 20 inches long and flat like a flounder in the Bremer Creek."

The South Australian Advertiser Friday 20 July, 1866 and Sat the 28 July, 1866, also the Adelaide Express, also the South Australian Weekly Chronicle Sat 21 July, 1866.
SWEET. —On the 9th July, at Sweet Cottage, Wood-
chester, Mr. Robert Sweet, aged 66 years, late of
Yetholm, Roxburghshire, Scotland.
Robert Sweet and Alexander McDonald had a partnership in a blacksmith shop producing hauling chains, wedges, bogies and paling knives.

According to Carolyn Tucker and Andrea of Strathalbyn History room, Section 1813 was first bought from the Crown by a Morris Marks on 10th December 1853. He sold this to Robert Sweet on 21st April 1863 after which it passed to Anne on Robert's death. So Robert only farmed there for three years or so until his death in 1866. At the time of the purchase, Robert was described as a Woodchester farmer. Suggesting that Robert moved into the area and rented or managed a farm prior to buying Section 1813. His daughter, Jane, applied to be schoolteacher in Woodchester in August 1860, so this probably places the family in Woodchester from, at the latest, this time. Also in Sept 1860, John Sweet is quoted in the South Australian Government Gazette several times as one of a number of ratepayers requesting the district be named the "District of Onaunga". Suggesting that he was well entrenched by then.



The property was sold to a Mr Robert Forrester on 27 Nov 1878. It was quite common, apparently, for immigrants to spend a year or so in Adelaide before making a final move. So it could be this was what happened in Robert's case and may be the Northern Forester article has some truth: farming first in Adelaide after which moving to Woodchester.

The property of Sweet's Cottage (on Section 1813, Hundred of Strathalbyn situated on the eastern boundary of the Woodchester area and to the south of the Hartley area) and the blacksmith shop and steadings was sold to the Hassam family in 1881 and held by them for 103 years to 20th October 1984; in 1947 it was sold at auction to J Hassam. It was bought by Kevin, Eric, Janette and Marian Harvey on 20th October 1984. It is Marion Harvey that I met.

Russell Hassam, son of Jack Hassam said "The blacksmith building which includes and in-built rain water tank was probably already there [I assume he means when the Hassam family bought it] also the large long thatched straw shed which was home to the house cows, horses, carts and hay. There is a stone barn and it is not known when that was built; It had wooden floors and used by the Hassam family to host Woodchester barn dances, fundraisers and various functions until the Woodchester hall was bullt in 1941. The dairy was built onto the barn by Jack Hassam."

"..have received instructions from the Trustees in the Estate of William Hassam, deceeased to offer by auction as under: (Thursday May 22nd 1947

Lot 1 Homestead Section 1813 Hunderd of Strathalbyn. Containing 172 acres or thereabouts. Improvements include s stone house of 4 rooms, stone house of 5 rooms, underground tank, staore room, wash house and tank attached, stone barn and stables., cow shedof 2 bails, pigstyes, chaffcutter shed (flat roof), watterd by the River Bremer. Fencing.
Purchased by John Hassam at 184 Pounds per acre ($368), thjis property is Moretron Grange and formerly called sweets. In 1984 the peoperty was sold by public auction .

[there seemed to be some confusion about the pile of stones and the remaining property and the various notes written have theses muddled up. However i was assured that the home that is still standing is Sweets Cottage and is rented by a vineyard manager for Lindemann]
Source: Marion Harvey and Carolyn Tucker.

Source: Marion Harvey and Carolyn Tucker.



Headstone for Robert and Ann Sweet, Callington cemetery

Great grandson Robert in Woodchester Cemetery

Land plan

Sweets Cottage 1947