Sweet Family West of Scotland

William SWEET

Person Chart


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
James SWEET ABT 1680 Janet MARTIN ABT 1680

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 7 MAR 1703 Bowden, Roxburghshire
Marriage 6 NOV 1719 Yetholm, Roxburgh
Death Jul 1767 Yetholm, Roxburgh


Sweetholme property record. From the Sasines at the NAS

At Kelso the twentyseventh day of November [Joining? I suspect depicting the 1700’s] and fifty eight years betwixt the hours of ten and eleven before names. Then the instrument of sasines under written was presented before Robert Handisyde a writer in Kelso conform to the minute book to be marked and registered in this particular Register of Sasines concerning land lying in the Shires of Roxburgh Selkirk and Peebles conform to Act of Parliament made in June 1617.

[?] the registration of Sasines [?] the terms whereof followed viz. In the name of God amen. Know all man this present publicity instrument that upon the thirty first day of the month of October in the year of our Lord Joining and fifty eight and of the reign of our Sovereign George the second by the Grace of God King of Great Britain France and Ireland defender of the faith the thirty second year. In presence of me Notary publicity and witnesses after insert and subscribing compeared personally upon the grantee of the tenement after merit Andrew Elliot Flex’d in Paxton Baillie in that part specially constitute by the Precept of Sasines after Invest and these likeways compared George Sweet late servant to Major Dalrymple now gardener at Swinton youngest son of William Sweet gardener and feuer in Town Yetholm. Having and holding in his hands a disposition containing the Precept of Sasines after Invest of the date specified in said precept made and granted by the said William Sweet to him favours of the said George Sweet his son whereby for the causes therein specified and under the eservations [?] and after mentioned the said William Sweet alienated and disponed from him his heirs and Sweeafons (?) Is in favour of the said George Sweet his heirs or afoigs(?) whatsoever heritably [?] that his tenement of houses in Town Yetholm lying to the town head with the yard thereto belonging and whole parts pendicles and pest of the same and also the whole these three quarters of an acre of land with the Teind sheaves thereof included now converted into a garden all fenced and enclosed round with a hedge bounded by the high way on the north the well road on the west and the croft of land on the south and east parts all lying in the parish of Yetholm shire of Roxburgh together with all rights title and [Ynbrost] that the said William Sweet has or can pretend thereto.In the which tenement land and pendicles the said William Sweet bound and obliged him his heirs and successors under the reservation and burdened after [snentd?] and in the event of his death to the fifth and Sasine the said George Sweet his son and his heir and that by two..[?] and different kind of holdings in manner [?] in the said disposition with the reservation always to himself and Jean Tully his spouse of the full and free life rent of the subjects thereby disponed and with the burden of payments of all his just and lawful debts and of the sum of six pounds to Jean Sweet his daughter spouse to Francis Wilkinson weaver in Wooler. Of the sum of four pounds Sterling to William Turner second son of Robert Turner taylor in Town Yetholm procreate in the marriage twixt the said Robert Turner and Grizel Sweet his daughter and with the burden of payment to William and Robert Sweet his eldest and second sons each of the sum of fice shillings Sterling which sums are payable at the first term of Whitsun or Martinmas after is deceased with a fifth part more of liquidate penalty and present of said sums from the forced term of payment by [?] while payments as the said Dsposition containing proxy of resignations afterwards to the writers of evidenceof rents Mailes and dutys after the deceased the said William sweet and Jean Tully with the receipt of Sasines after insert and several other causes [?] which disposition the said George sweet exhibited and presented to the said Andrew Elliot Baillie and desired him by virtue of his office Bailliecising commit to him by the said precept to put the second to die and lawful execution whereupon the said Bailie received it and disposition from the said George Sweet and instantly delivered the same to the notary public to be read and published in presence of the witnesses after [?] which accordingly I did and of which precept of Sasines contained in the said Disposition the tenor following to the effect the said George sweet in the event of my death under the Reservation [?] before month may have in first and second in the July before disponed by confirmation to Andrew Elliot Herd in Paxton and each of you [?] my Baillies in that part to the effect after specified specially [?] it is my will of require you that on sight hereafter to the ground of the tenement and garden and [?] grieve and deliver thereafter Heritable state and sasine actual seal and [?] profession of all and Haile the foresaid tenement and yard with the tenement and three quarters of an acre of land now converted into a garden [?] disponed all lying and bounded in a manner described to the said George Sweet his first son (?) with under the reservation [?] which by acquisition hereof he is bound to perform and with under or which these present to are granted and no measureways and that by delivering to him or them or their certain attorney in their name.

( the writing becomes more and more difficult to decipher but I think all pertinent facts are reported)

Witness John Waldie clerk of the Commissiart of Peebles and subscribed by me at Town Yetholm the fifth day of July [?] and fifty five years before this witnesses John Walker surgeon in Town Yetholm and the same John Waldie writer hereof witnesses also to my subscribing the marginal note at the second page written by the said John Waldie signed William Sweet John Walker witness John Waldie writer and after the reading and publishing of which disposition and precept of Sasine written therein contained the said Andrew Elliot by virtue thereof and iof the office of Bailliecary thereby committed to him gave and delivered the testament state and Sasine actual real and [?]

(This followed by a section in Latin)

Facts derived

William Sweet married to Jean Tully
Youngest son George
Daughter Jean married Francis Wilkinson
Daughter Grizel married Robert Turner (son of William Turner)
Eldest son William
Second son Robert

(no mention of Margaret his daughter so she must have died before 1755 when the will was written)

The document begins in 1758 and ends in 1755. I don’t follow that.