Sweet Family West of Scotland

George SWEET

Person Chart


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
Thomas SWEET 28 AUG 1758 Katherine ROBERTSON BET 1750 AND 1760

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth ABT 1788
Marriage 13 JUL 1818 Barony, Glasgow, Lanarkshire
Death 14 Aug 1847 Glasgow, Lanarkshire


H 1841 Census
George is at St Andrew's square, this tallies with the directories which have George and Thomas living together in St Andrew's Square.

George Sweet aged 51 Wine merchant born in county
Catherine Sweet aged 44 born in county
Jane sweet aged 19 born in county
James Sweet aged 17 Measurers apprentice (?) born in county
Catherine Sweet aged 14 born in county
Alexia Sweet aged 4 born in county
Andrew Sweet aged 2 born in county
[?] Maitland aged 20 female servant born in county

Son Thomas was married in 1840 and had left home.

C Notes made by Alexander Sweet on a scrap of paper Hazel gave me.:
From Glasgow Directories
1787 Thomas Sweet, Manufacturer, Wareroom, north side, Bell's Wynd
1789 ditto ditto 3rd flat Horn's Land, North Side Argyle Street
1804 ditto ditto 626 Argyle Street
1812 ditto Quarter Master, 427 Gallowgate
1820 ditto Billet Master, 1 Charlotte Lane, house 2 Barrowfield Road
1825 ditto ditto ditto ditto
1825 George Sweet & Co, Ale and Porter Cellars, 1 Charlotte Lane
1829 Thomas Sweet, Quarter Master, Charlotte Lane, house 2, Canning Street, Calton
1829 George Sweet & Co, Wine Cellars, 1 Charlotte Lane
1839 Thomas Sweet, Billet Master, 15 Charlotte Lane, house 38, St Andrew Square
1839 George Sweet, Wine Cellars, ditto ditto ditto

Above Thomas Sweet, my grandfather, = A Sweet, Cathcart
ditto George Sweet, his eldest son, Known as Bailie or the Calton Bailie George Sweet

B George Sweet matriculated into Glasgow University in 1802 (so maybe his DoB of ABT 1790 is too late maybe 1780 would be closer) "George eldest son of Thomas Sweet Merchant Glasgow"

E See the notes for Thomas for directory information for George also. He was a wine merchant. he was described as George Sweet junior, but junior to whom? Perhaps his uncle George.

D Page 145 of Curiosities of Glasgow Citizenship, Alexander Sweet has annotated in the margin " Very curious that Thomas Sweet should marry this James Robertson's daughter Catherine at North Woodside House and that their son George should marry James Robertson's daughter Catherine in the same house. I knew latter, a little lady who is now dead. Her daughter Flora [?] has an ivory miniature of Mrs Thomas Sweet taken in London when on [?]…about 1776 I think, a very beutiful face"

The 1841 census age and birth date (above) don't tally, nor does "born in county" sit well. So there is more to be done with this.