Sweet Family West of Scotland


Person Chart


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
William ROBERTSON ABT 1680 Catherine ROSS

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth BET 1700 AND 1710
Death BEF 1813


2 Referred to in Ramsay Miller case 1795 (on file)

3 The Paisley Herald dated 3 December, 1870 ran an article regarding the history of the Plantation home of John Robertson. In this it is mentioned that the Robertson family ran the Smithfield Ironworks from 1734 for a 100 years. This is partially corroborated in George Strewart's book "Curiosities of Glasgow Citizenship" wherein he mentions that the Robertsons set up the Smithfield Iron Works in 1737. He refers to the three brothers (John, James and William) but on re-reading the entry, he does not credit them with STARTING the works he refers to them being involved. So I think that if John started the Iron works in 1734 he would be at least 20 years old or more likely 30 years old. So birth sometime between 1700 and 1710.

4 The Glasgow Herald of December 2, 1995 ran an article about milling in Glasgow:
"Massive handbuilt water wheels much else. The slitting and grinding mill at Pointhouse, erected in 1734 by the Smithfield Iron Company had eight water wheels."

1 "The Rise and Progress of the City of Glasgow the Former and Present State of Glasgow" by James Cleland
Ironmongery, viz nails, hoes, axes, hinges, spades, stock-locks etc were begun to be made for export about the year 1732 by several gentlemen, who took the name the Smithfield Company; in 1738 they erected a slitting mill and forge, and built a large workhouse for carrying on this business; they are now able to supply and demand whatever upon better terms than can be had in England.