Sweet Family West of Scotland


Person Chart


Partner Date of Birth Children
Jean ROBERTSON 11 May 1759 Catherine COPLAND

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Marriage 10 SEP 1786 Glasgow, Lanarkshire


19 January 1792
To the creditors of William Copland and Company, Callico-printers in Glasgow, and of the said William Copland and Andrew Gardner, manufacturers in Glasgow and Sutherland Colquhoun, callico-printer in Pollockshaws, partners of the said Company as individuals.

(See the full text of this at my notes in Genealogy/Sweet/Sweetitems/ William Copland Search)

My William Copland is described in a number of places as a writer, however, I am pretty certain that the above William Copland is also “my” William; this is based on guesswork and hunch.

• William Copland married Jean Robertson in 1786. Their children were Catherine and William; William married an Elizabeth Hotchkiss and named their children Thomas Copland and Jean Robertson Copland; did they select these names to honour their connections with Sweet and Robertson? Witnesses to the christening included Alexander Robertson and George Sweet junior.
• Thomas Sweet and William Copland are both in the Jones Directory of 1787.
• William Copland’s first wife, Elizabeth Hotchkiss, died and he married Anna Hamilton Gardner in 1831. Her father was Alexander Gardner, Calico Printer. Possibly he used the name Andrew.

I am satisfied that William Copland, Callico Printer, is my William Copland.