Sweet Family West of Scotland

Thomas SWEET

Person Chart


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
Thomas SWEET 28 AUG 1758 Katherine ROBERTSON BET 1750 AND 1760

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 7 JUL 1799 IGI
Death 24 DEC 1818 Crossmyloof, Glasgow, Scotland


Testament Dative Thomas Sweet junior

This is a key document as it categorically places Ann in Yetholm from 28 Feb,1821: “Ann Sweet daughter of Thomas Sweet residing at Yetholm” and at the same time links Ann of the Borders to Thomas of Glasgow.

It places Thomas as living in Crossmyloof, where in later years there are Sweets .

It tells us that there are 7 Sweet children “there was left by the late Hugh Hutchison Esquire of Southfield amongst the children of Thomas Sweet.being seven in number, the sum of three hundred pounds”. I have located Hugh Hutchinson's will l and it records leaving "£300 to be equally divided among the children of the l ate Catherine Robertson spouse to Thomas Sweet" Hutchinson died on 8 July 1813.

It also tells us “Thomas Sweet late manufacturer now Quarter Master in Glasgow”