Sweet Family West of Scotland


Person Chart


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
James ROBERTSON 29 May 1761 Janet FLEMING

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth BET 1792 AND 1822
Death 16 Aug 1822


The testament dative of Jamima Robertson:

This confirms that James Robertson had seven children (seven shares). I have birth details for only two: John (1794) and Catherine (1795). James Robertson married Janet Fleming in 1792, so it is likely that the other five children were born after 1795. Did, Isabella, William and Jamina predecease William and Catherine?

GGF Alexander Sweet refers to Alexander Robertson being a son of James. So, if this is correct and I have not been able to prove it, I have the seven children of James (but without being able to confirm them on birth records or newspaper references)

John born 1794
Catherine born 1795, married George Sweet and mentioned as an executor
Jean married George Smith and mentioned as an executor
William mentioned in will
Isabella mentioned in will
Jamina mentioned in will

This was raised by Catherine and Jean in order to share the bequest of £200 made by Hugh Hutcheson (among all the children of James Robertson).