Sweet Family West of Scotland


Person Chart


Partner Date of Birth Children
Catherine BREWES (BRUCE) ABT 1767 George SWEET
Robert SWEET
Isabella TURNER Isabella SWEET

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth abt 1767 year is a guess
Marriage 6 FEB 1792 St Nicholas Newcastle, Northumberland
Marriage 15 FEB 1795 Gateshead, St Mary's, Northumberland


John's son, Robert, married "his cousin" Ann Sweet. So for her to be a cousin, John, who is of the same generation as Thomas, must have been a son of George and Ann Lyon but I have no evidence of this. Stretching the "cousin" connection, it could be thatJohn's father was a brother of George perhaps.

James Sweet (b 1756 and died 1841) in the Northern Forester reference has "a relative Charles Turner" and "another cousin, Dr Turner". This John Sweet was married initially to Isabella Turner who died between 1792 and 1795 (marriage 1792 and Catherine Brewes married in 1795). The will would have been read about 1809 as this is the date in the Sasines recording the transfer from George to Jean which is quite a while after Isabella Turner's death. However there is a Dr Turner who married Grizel Sweet..it makes sense for it to be him who read the