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Alexander MCDONALD

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Birth ABT 1823
Marriage 24 Aug 1865 Onaunga, Australia
Death 9 Mar 1904 Woodchester, Alexandrina, South Australia, Australia


S.A. Register Monday 7 July, 1865
ONAUNGA. July 10.
Election Meeting.— At 5 p.m. the poll closed,
and shortly afterwards the Returning Officer an-
nounced the result to be as follows :— Jacob Hooper,
39 votes: David Harvey, 32; Alexander McDonald,

S. A Register Mon 23 Nov 1868
Oxauhga.— Area sown— About the same number
of acres as last year, about one-half, as far as I
know, being with shrivelled seed. I cannot see
much difference from tbe good grain. Bed rust
Red rust is showing to a great extent Takeall—
Takeall not so bad as hut year. I have no idea of
the probable yield. Hay -About a ton and a half
per acre. I have not seen a crop without being
infected with red rust less or more, the late ones
being the worst the rust not appearing so soon
this year. I do not think the early crops have
sustained so much damage.— Alexander McDonald,
Newton, Red Creek. November 17, 1868. '
S.A. Weekly Chronicle sat 20 Aug 1859
Alexander McDonald's tender to construct a ford at the
Junction of the Bremer and Mount Barker Creeks, 24l. 19s.,
was accepted.
Sums ordered to be paid, 27l. 10s. 6d.
After their marriage in Woodchester, Alexander and Jane lived first at Bremer and then at Newton Farm, Red Creek northeast of Woodchester. (Harvey history) I have seen these locations.

Alexander McDonald and Robert Sweet had a partnership running the blacsmith shop at Sweet's Cottage, (see Robert for photos). They made hauling chains, wedges, bogies and paling knives.

Jane and Alexander's son, Robert Sweet McDonald (1866-1941) and his wife Marion, bought a vast area of virgin bush at Monarto South to Chauncey's Line and named the property "Preamimma". His mother, Jane Hogarth Macdonald (Sweet) died there in 1911.

He donated land in 1936 for the Ferries McDonald Conservation Park. According to a note from Carolyn Tucker, he was a great love of the natural bush which his five daughters had visited on horseback for many years for picnics. He always hoped that the government would acquire the rest after his death which occurred in 1941.

Source: Marion Harvey and Carolyn Tucker.



Robert Sweet McDonald and Marion McDonald in Woodchester Cemetery

Entrance to Preamimma