Sweet Family West of Scotland

Mary Wilson Dunn SWEET

Person Chart


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
Alexander SWEET 12 Oct 1843 Barbara Dunn WRIGHT 1842

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 4 APR 1871 Old Cathcart
Death 10 FEB 1959 Craigshields, Skelmorlie, Ayrshire



A letter from Alexander's daughter Mary Sweet to Flora Hay (daughter of Robert Sweet McDonald Australia, contains the following:

"My father (Alexander) who was a brother to Ann and cousin to Robert Sweet saw them (Ann Lyon Sweet and Robert Sweet) when he was 11 years old and was very angry when Ann asked him where he got his red hair from (because he was fair and not red).
I do not know whether their family was born in Yetholm or in Australia. The Sweet who built the house was a William Sweet from England. The title deeds are in Latin and Norman French and now belong to Wauchope of Niddrie. It was over 300 years ago in thereign of Bloody Mary that a Sweet was burned at Smithfield because he refused to become a catholic like Queen Mary. His relations put their children and belongings on to carts and trekked over the border, bought land and built the house Sweetholme and the wood of the doors and windows they brought with them. Good English oak which is still in the house. Quite a romantic story isn' t it?"

Russell Sweet mentions hat "She (Mary Sweet) corresponded with a number of people including Flora Hay and Robert Sweet MacDonald, who were descendants of Robert Sweet and Ann Lyon Sweet's daughter whose name was Jane Hogarth MacDonald she having married agentleman by the name of Alexander MacDonald"
PMS: this Robert Sweet Macdonald is who Robin Grant went to work for in 1928.

Russell has a letter from Mary Sweet dated 31 May 1945 "My dear, I never saw your grandmother (Jane Hogarth Sweet), her parents Robert and Ann Lyon Sweet, full cousins and married, had a small cottage in an orchard at Town Yetholm in Roxburghshire. on borders they sold it in 1854 and sailed from Glasgow to Adelaide. My father, who was a brother to Ann saw them …" [continued above at My Father…

Russell has another letter from Mary to Flora dated 10 July 1942 "Father drew up a pedigree tracing descent from Richard Plantagenet, King of England. Robert Bruce's great grandaughter married into the family and in fact all our contact with Royalty is onthe female side".

PMS recollects as a young child I visited Cragshields with our family. At the bottom of the garden there was a ticket of bamboo in which we used to play. It was a big house. I can't remember much about Mary other than she was very old.

The grandfather clock made by John Barr came from her house.



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