Sweet Family West of Scotland

George SWEET

Person Chart


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
William SWEET 7 MAR 1703 Jean TULLY 17 Jan 1683

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 28 NOV 1725 Yetholm, Roxburgh
Christening 28 NOV 1725 Yetholm
Death 18 Apr 1809 Yetholm


The Sweets and Major James Dalrymple

George had a son James christened in Garvald: 19 September 1756 “George Sweet gardener at Nunraw and Ann Lion his spouse had a son baptised called James (was born the 13 current) witness to the baptism John Jameson and Robert Dodie”.

Nunraw was the home of Major James Dalrymple the seventh son of the baronet. James Dalrymple was born 27 Jan 1698 and died 8 Nov 1766. He bought Nunraw in 1747 when he was 50, he was married to Margaret Cunningham by whom he had two children. He had seven illegitimate children by Mary Gainer. (There is reference to this in Leah Lenehman’s book “ Wives and mistresses in Eighteenth century Scotland” case 39.)

In the assignation of Sweetholm to George he is referred to (in 1758) as formerly servant to Major Dalrymple. Garvald where his son was baptised is close to Nunraw, so it is a strong likelihood that this is where he worked.

George’s second son (Thomas) baptised on 28 August 1758 at Simprim or Swinton which is in the Borders. He is named as a gardener in Albake (not sure where this is) and a witness is MrMcCormack his governor.
At first I believed that this is the "George Sweet feuar and gardener of Yetholm" who petitioned the Commissary Court on behalf of Magdalene Gibson to claim that she was a second cousin to Jean Sweet (Edgely). However this would mean that he was 92 when he did this as it took place in 1818. Furthermore, the Yetholm property passed to Jean in 1809 presumably upon George's death, which is before the deposition. His son George was still alive at the time of the testament dative but he was not the feuar, Jeanwould have been, even if he kept the market garden going and so was described as gardener.
This is the George to whom Sweetholme was bequeathed on 31 Oct 1758 from his father William

Formerly a servant to Major Dalrymple and now a gardener in Swinton at the time of the assignation.

Also on James birth record, George is described as a gardener at Nunraw which is near Garvald; this was 1756 before Sweet Holm was assigned to him in 1758



Nunraw House

Nunraw House