Sweet Family West of Scotland


Person Chart


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
John ROBERTSON 6 Nov 1750 Elizabeth MURDOCH 9 Mar 1740

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 18 Nov 1775 Glasgow, Lanarkshire
Christening 29 Nov 1775 Glasgow, Lanarkshire
Death 12 Mar 1861 Northfield, Largs, Ayrshire


The will of Miss John Robertson (1775 to 1861), sister to John Murdoch Robertson (and others) and daughter of John Robertson and Elizabeth Murdoch.

This document is a disposition drawn up by Misses Mary Robertson, Elizabeth Robertson and John Robertson which becomes the will of the last survivor (Miss John Robertson) There are many codicils amending some of the legacies as John Robertson grows older and is left on her own. The last codicil was on 9 June 1860. Her estate was valued at £8,889 and was made up of substantial sums owed to her by Mungo Campbell Esquire, merchant; he in turn was to be a major beneficiary.

Names mentioned in her will:
Mungo Campbell Esquire our nephew, Thomas Campbell Esquire and James Campbell Esquire our cousins and Mungo Campbell junior Esquire all merchants in Glasgow, John H(ace?) Maxwell esquire of Dargant [?], and Colin Campbell Esquire, younger of Colgrain.

Margaret Robertson is the widow of John Spens Munro, daughters Elizabeth and Catherine Spens Munro [their nieces].

Niece Helen Campbell [and so a sister to Mungo] daughter of deceased Alexander Campbell formerly of Haylodge.

The above relationships appear to be borne out in the family tree constructed.

Janet Murdoch their servant (on the 1851 census)
Agnes McConnachie their servant (on the 1851 census)
Elizabeth ? their servant
Hugh Crawford their gardener
Mrs Robertson Smith or McDonald a Largs resident whose rent they paid.
Mary McDougall their servant
Rev John Kinross
Elizabeth Kinross
Mr R Pearson
Andrew Pearson
John Campbell Esquire M.D. Largs
Mungo Campbell Senior Esquire Merchant in Glasgow
Thomas Donald writer in Glasgow
James Ralston their new gardener
Isabella Hay
Janet Campbell a grand niece only daughter of the late Mungo Campbell Esquire my nephew.

Some of the trustees declined to act:
J Hall Maxwell
J Campbell Merchant
Colin Cambell junior.
It is interesting that the portraits of John Murdoch Robertson and Elizabeth Robertson (Murdoch), painted by John Moir 1815 to the Glasgow Museums were bequeathed by Isabella AHJ Campbell 1917. So I would assume that Mungo Campbell took the portraits as part of the estate and passed these down through his children. Isabella Anne Hay Janet Capmbell was stillborn in 1836, so presumable another was born and survived until later in life.
1851 Northfield House, Greenock Road, Largs
Mary Robertson Head Unmarried Female aged 80 Gentlewoman and House Owner born in Glasgow, Lanarkshire
Elisabeth Robertson Sister Unmarried Female aged 76 Gentlewoman and House Owner born in Glasgow, Lanarkshire
J Robertson Sister Unmarried Female aged 73 Gentlewoman and House Owner born in Glasgow, Lanarkshire
Janet Murdoch servant Unmarried Female aged 31 House Cook born in Gargunnock, Stirlingshire
Anne McConnachie Servant Unmarried Female aged 48 House Servant born in Ayrshire