Sweet Family West of Scotland


Person Chart


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
Robert SWEET 4 SEP 1798 Anne Lyon SWEET 27 JUN 1801

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 14 Nov 1842 Yetholm, Roxburgh
Christening 12 MAR 1843 Yetholm, Roxburgh
Marriage 7 Jan 1869 Callington, Nairne, South Australia
Death 15 Mar 1919 Dulwich, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Burial Mar 1919 Callington Cemetery, Callington, South Australia, Australia


Saddler, Callington
South Australia Chronicle and Weekly Mail Sat 1 May 1869
A serious accident occurred at Calling-
ton on Wednesday afternoon to a young man,
named John Sweet, a farmer, living near
Hartley on the Bremer. It appears he had
been at the mine with a load of firewood with six
horses and a waggon,and after unloading had
stayed a short while at one of the houses in the
township, and on starting home the horses
bolted. Sweet was thrown out, the wheel pass
ing over his leg below the knee, smashing it
in a frightful manner. Dr. Wilson was quickly
in attendance, and rendered all assistance pos
sible under the circumstances.

[John would have been 27]

Adelaide Observer Sat 4 Feb, 1911
John Sweet, of the River Bremer, farmer.
Trustees—Berry Smith, of Woodchester, store
keeper; and Alexander McDonald, of Newton,
Red Creek, farmer.

[Alexander McDonald the partner to Robert Sweet and married to Jane Sweet died in 1904 he did farm at Newton. Not entirely sure who this is as the son Alexander died before his father.]
[Berry Smith was married to Mary McDonald, daughter of the Alexander McDonald married to Jane Sweet]


Russell Sweet



John and Rebecca Sweet, Callington Cemetery