Sweet Family West of Scotland

Alexander CAMPBELL of Haylodge

Person Chart


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
Mungo CAMPBELL of Kailzie Elizabeth NUTTER


Partner Date of Birth Children
Catherine ROBERTSON 11 Oct 1770 Helen CAMPBELL
Elizabeth CAMPBELL

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Death 19 Dec 1835


The will of Alexander Campbell Esquire of Haylodge, Peebleshire, husband of Catherine Robertson, 19 December 1835.

Inventory submitted by Mungo Campbell included value of shares in J. Campbell and Son Coy £16,183 17 7, and value of shares in the Glasgow Assembly Rooms Tontine dependant on the life of Miss Campbell £15. The total estate was valued at £17,574 12 6.

Submitted by Mungo Campbell Esquire of Haylodge, Merchant in Glasgow only son of the deceased Alexander Campbell Esquire of Haylodge Merchant in Glasgow.

In the will Alexander conveys “steading” number fifteen Buchanan Street acquired by William How Wright in Glasgow from Gilbert Hamilton Merchant in Glasgow Trustee for the Creditors of Buchanan Hastie & Company Merchants in Glasgow and Andrew Buchanan Senior merchant there with the dwelling house offices and pertinents erected on the same and all as presently possessed by myself and acquired by me from Colin Campbell Merchant in Glasgow…in a sasine dated tenth day of May 1821

It appears that he left his entire estate to Mungo Campbell apart from the share in the Glasgow Assembly Rooms Tontine which he left to Elizabeth Campbell his eldest daughter together with ten thousand pounds [?Page 6, and on Page 7] and the like sum of ten thousand pounds sterling to Helen Campbell my youngest daughter..

Contract of marriage between Catherine Robertson their mother and me [does this method of referring to Catherine suggest she predeceased him?]

He leaves in life rent to his daughters Elizabeth and Helen this place, [so there are only two daughters.]

He left an annuity to Elizabeth Duncan Grenada and on her death to each of her four daughters Helen, Margaret, Elizabeth and Catherine Campbell and to her son Robert Campbell