Sweet Family West of Scotland


Person Chart


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
James Alexander SWEET 23 NOV 1797 Mary Ann GRAHAM 29 Dec 1800


Partner Date of Birth Children
John CRAWFORD 1832 Margaret CRAWFORD

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 31 JUL 1841 Cathcart
Christening 5 SEP 1841 Cathcart
Marriage 29 SEP 1873 Cathcart, Renfrew
Death 11 Feb 1911 Cathcart


SR Death
Annie Crawford widow of John Crawford colour mixer
5 hrs PM February Eleventh 1911 Found dead in Braidbar
Quarry Giffnock. Not seen since February eighth about 5hr PM
Usual residence Holmhead Cottage, Cathcart
female aged 69 years
Father: James Sweet Grocer (deceased)
Mother: Mary Sweet MS Graham (deceased)
Cause of death: Fall over face of quarry Haemorrhage Fracture of spine not certified
Informant: F Howard (?) son in law
95 Castle Road, Cathcart
February 14 1921 at Pollokshaws

Register of Corrected Entries
Annie Sweet or Crawford 67 years female
1911 February 11 about 5:15 pm found dead
in Braidbar Quarry, Giffnock
missing 3 days

Fracture of the spine and haemorrhage result of accidentally falling over quarry face a height of about 30 feet
RS Sennan MB made a post mortem exam

Interesting that her father, James Sweet, is recorded as a grocer when he was latterly a post messenger.

1871 census:
Wallace is living in Cathcart (census incomplete as to street name). He is listed as a brother in law to John Fyfe the Head on the previous page and living with Ann Sweet listed as a sister in law to the Head. John is married to Catherine Robertson Sweet(daughter of James Sweet and Margaret Gardener, James then married Mary Ann Graham and Catherine Robertson Sweet is a daughter of theirs) .

Also her age is quoted as 25 but she should be 30 if I have the right Sweets.

Wallace is an Assistant Minister born in Cathcart and his sister Ann is described as a dressmaker. Both are unmarried, she is 25 and he is 36.

This puts her age at odds with the IGI birth date

1881 census
Ann is living with John Crawford as his wife but has kept her own name apperently

Holmhead Cottage (Holmhead) Cathcart, Renfrew

John Crawford Head married aged 50 Male Colourmaker birn in Glasgow Lanark
Anne Sweet wife married aged 38 Female born in Cathcart, Renfrew
Margaret Crawford Daughter aged 4 Female born in Cathcart, Renfrew
Johana Crawford Daughter aged 2 Female born in Cathcart, Renfrew

1891 census
Holmhead Cottage, Rhannan Road, Cathcart, Renfrew

Annie Crawford Head Widow Female aged 46 Living on private means born in Cathcart, Renfrew
Margaret Crawford Daughter aged 14 Female Scholar born in Cathcart, Renfrew
Johana Crawford Daughter aged 11 Female Scholar born in Cathcart, Renfrew

1901 census
Lorne Place, Eaglesham Road, Cathcart, Renfrewshire

Ann Crawford Head Widow Female aged 55 Living on own means Born in Cathcart, Renfrewshire



Annie Sweet grave