Sweet Family West of Scotland

Anne Lyon SWEET

Person Chart


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
Thomas SWEET 28 AUG 1758 Katherine ROBERTSON BET 1750 AND 1760

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 27 JUN 1801 Glasgow, Lanark
Marriage 19 JUN 1835 Yetholm, Roxburgh, Scotland
Death 16 APR 1879 Newton, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Burial Woodchester, South Australia, South Australia


Details of the ship that the Sweet’s travelled on to Australia, leaving Glasgow on 2nd October, 1853 arriving in Adelaide on Tuesday 17th January 1854.

According to the Harvey History, the Sweet family were in a cabin; they and three other passengers disembarked at Adelaide; the ship was bound for Swan River, WA. Included in Colin Harvey's papers was a copy of Alexander Sweet's article in "The Scottish and Northern Forester" in 1908. So clearly there was communication between descendants of Thomas Sweet and the Australian Sweets.

On January 21, 1854, the Adelaide Observer reported that on:
Tuesday January 17- The barque Anne MacLean, 32 tons, MacGraw, master, from Glasgow October 2. Passengers
Lloyds Register (source: Mitchell Library)
1852 Anne McLean Barque master J Laing
320 tones built at Ardrossan 1847
Owner Hamlin
Registered Greenock
Voyages Clyde to India
Classification A1

1853 Anne McLean Barque master McGow
Registered Greenock
Destination London SWN RIV (Swan River)

mentioned again in Lloyd's list for 1854 as above.

Adelaide Observer
Deaths: Sweet
At Newton, the residence of her son-in-law, Mr A MacDonald, Ann Lyon relict of the late Robert Sweet, late of Woodchester, aged 75 years.

Anne married her first full cousin ("Ann married her full cousin" (Northern Forester). Sharing a grandfather in George would make them full cousins) and emigrated to Adelaide, South Australia from Glasgow on Oct 2nd 1853 on board "Anna MacLean" ( or AnneMcLean, master was MacGaw) and arrived 17 January 1854. There was some religious persecution which may be a reason for going. One child bore the name Shirra who was a minister who broke from the established church. Also there had been food shortages anddrift from the country to town making it more difficult for all.

The statistical account for 1791-99 and for 1834-45 are at the addresses below:

Use this URL to link to Yetholm, County of Roxburgh (1791-99):

Use this URL to link to Yetholm, County of Roxburgh (1834-45):

PMS and MJGS have visited the two cottages lived in by the Border Sweets. The first, " Mertoun Cottage " is still inhabited. The subsequent property (across the road) is now ruined but was lived in until I think the Fifties. I met the son of the last person (Nicol) to operate the market garden which is now allotments. We took Russell Sweet of Australia there.

Testament Dative: Thomas Sweet junior

This is a key document as it categorically places Anne in Yetholm from 28 Feb,1821: “"Anne Sweet daughter of Thomas Sweet residing at Yetholm”…" and at the same time links Anne of the Borders to Thomas in Glasgow. At the time of its publication in 1821 (Anne is aged 20) and Sweetholme is with Jean (Sweet) Hogarth

It also places Thomas as living in Crossmyloof, where in later years there are Sweets .

It also tells us “"Thomas Sweet late manufacturer now Quarter Master in Glasgow”". I have a book of Glasgow City Council proceedings that mentions Thomas asking for more money! (see reference with Thomas).

Anne in Yetholm

18 April 1809 Jean Sweet daughter of George Sweet gardener in Yetholm by disposition from the said George Sweet SRO PR Roxburghshire &c Book 45 folio 22. Passed to Ann Sweet on a disposition dated 18 March 1825 and not presented until 1853 SRO ref said PRbook 164 folio 219.

PMS guess is that Ann came to borders to "housekeep" and then inherited the property.

I understand that the family lived in Mertoun Cottage before being allowed to build Sweetholme on Wauchope land. I am not sure of the dates
that this took place. I believe that the family may have had both properties. The land is owned by the Wauchope estate.



ANNE LYON SWEET funeral card

Mertoun Cottage (across from Sweetholme)

Sweetholme May 2005

Sweetholme by Charles Sweet