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George Sturgeon HARVEY

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Birth 19 May 1843 Old Tiers, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Marriage 5 May 1864 Sweet Cottage, Bremer, Woodchester, South Australia, Australia
Death 3 Apr 1920 York, Western Australia, Australia
Burial 3 Apr 1920 York, Western Australia, Australia


George at this time lived at Rose Hill on the Bremer. George worked on his father's farm 'Ampton until the marriage and shortly after he moved from Woodchester to Callington. I think his father bought them their first farm 'Rose Hill', which I have seen in the area of Bremer. Their first four sons were born there, the fifth and sixth at Koolunga.
George, as well as farming, was a wheat buyer and miller for Mr Naske; the family also set up a bacon curing business. The boys all worked on the farm.

They moved to Koolunga when the mines at Callington closed, just south of red Hill. Their second son Robert was drowned at Koolinga.

George's son, Charles had a bacon factory in Winulta, Arthurton on the Yorke Peninsula, a town that began in 1876 and in 2006 had a population of 296; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthurton. The factory is in George's name in 1896. Charles was successfulwith his pig farming and bacon curing and exported to Western Australia where he moved to shortly after his marriage in 1894. He moved to York, WA (outside Perth) a town that now has a population of 3000 and is predominately a National Trust town (LonelyPlanet). David followed to Mount Ida in 1898, brother George soon after, and John and Edgar in 1899.

George Harvey and Mary (Sweet) followed their sons to Western Australia in 1904 and farmed at Qualen Siding, York, WA. They retired in 1915 and went to live at 118 Newcastle Street, York, WA. where George died 3rd April, 1920 at home. [Newcastle Street runs along the side of the Avon River].

Following George's death, Mary moved to Kirkham Hill Terrace, Maylands where a granddaughter cared for her.


She suffered a cerebral haemorrhage and cardiac failure and died the same day, the 11th December 1921 (aged 82). The following day her body was returned to York and she was buried with her husband in the Wesleyan Cemetery, York, WA.

The above are my extracts from the Harvey history. The complete pages are held on the hard disk 'Australian connection'.

Source: Marion Harvey and Carolyn Tucker.

From The Joseph Harvey book "From'Ampton Suffolk to South Australia and Beyond 1750 - 2002" by Thelma Kirkman
"6th October 1852, David hartley was granted land on Section 2001, 2002, 2003 each containing 127 acres near the Bremer River, in the Hundred of Freeling. Book 54, page 429 in the old memorials of the archives of the Land and Titles Office, Adelaide"
"This area was known as Rose Hill. This would be section 2001 with a stone home built up on the north side of the hill. It now has two high palm trees in the front garden".
"George Sturgeon Harvey, the first child and son of David Harvey and Mary Sturgeon was born 19 May 1843 at Old Tiers, SA. He married Mary Shirra Sweet 5th may 1864 at the Sweet Cottage , Bremer, Woodchester, SA the residnce of the bride's father, by the Rev John Anderson. George's residence at the time was RoseHill on the Bremer. The farms of the Harveys and the Sweets adjoined one another. George worked with his father on 'Ampton farm until his marriage. Shortly after he moved from Woodchester to the property owned by his father called Rose Hill. thier first four sons were born at Rose Hill 5th and 6th children were born at Koolunga, south of Red Hill near Crystal Brook and Snowdtown."
The Western Australian 29 Sep 1897
PHILLIPS-STURGEON.-On the 8th instant, at
Fremantle, by the Rev. G. Potts, Joseph,
second son of Williah Phillips, Esq., J.P., of
AVallaroo, South Australia, to Princes Agnes,
second daughter of George Harvey Sturgeon,
of Fremantle, i



Rose Hill

George Harvey and Mary Sweet Golden wedding