Sweet Family West of Scotland


Person Chart

Additional Names

Additional Names Name
Married Name HEASLIP


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
Alexander MCDONALD ABT 1823 Jean (Jane) Hogarth SWEET 22 MAY 1836

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 11 May 1869 Newton, Strathalbyn, South Australia
Marriage 5 Jul 1894 Presbyterian Church, Strathalbyn, Strathalbyn, South Australia
Death 19 Mar 1958 St Peters, Norwood, Strathalbyn, South Australia


Russell Sweet sent me the following note written by Anna Sweet Heaslip:
My grandparents came to Australia in 1854. Mother was about 18 or so when they settled on the Bremer River in South Australia and lived there until Grandpa died when Uncle Robert Sweet McDonald was 5 days old. Then after a while Grandma lived with my mother and father at Newton and died there when I was 10 or so. At first they used to drive to Strathalbyn church in a bullock dray driven by their son John, and mother used to teach at Woodchester school; and so she met Father and visited his first wife when she was ill, and in after years married him, a fine man but a good deal older than mother. He lived to be 84 mother 76. He died not long before Grace arrived and Mother when Lloyd was about 5 weeks old.

Grace and Lloyd were Anna's children.



Anna Sweet McDonald (Heaslip)