Sweet Family West of Scotland



Name Place of Birth Date of Birth Place of Death Date of Death
John ROBERTSON Glasgow, Lanarkshire 6 Nov 1750 BET 1792 AND 1816


Name Place of Birth Date of Birth Place of Death Date of Death
Elizabeth MURDOCH Glasgow, Lanarkshire 9 Mar 1740 AFT 1815


Name Place of Birth Date of Birth Place of Death Date of Death
William ROBERTSON Glasgow, Lanarkshire 4 Nov 1767
Mary ROBERTSON Glasgow, Lanarkshire 5 Apr 1769 Northfield, Largs, Ayrshire 24 Dec 1851
Catherine ROBERTSON Glasgow, Lanark 11 Oct 1770
Margaret ROBERTSON Glasgow, Lanarkshire 13 Sep 1772
Elisabeth ROBERTSON Glasgow, Lanarkshire 04 Jun 1774 Northfield, Largs, Ayrshire 5 Aug 1856
John ROBERTSON Glasgow, Lanarkshire 18 Nov 1775 Northfield, Largs, Ayrshire 12 Mar 1861
John Murdoch ROBERTSON Glasgow, Lanarkshire 13 Jun 1777 Largs, Ayrshire, Scotland 2 Apr 1848
William ROBERTSON Glasgow, Lanarkshire 13 Mar 1779
Janet ROBERTSON ABT 1791 Northfield, Largs, Ayrshire 13 Oct 1848

Family Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Marriage 05 Aug 1766


Date of death for John
Hugh Hutchinson died in 1813 and in his will he refers to the late John Robertson. So JR must have died pre Hugh H. But not this John.
Hutchinson connection
From Hugh Hutchinson's will page 618: "..to Katherine Hutchinson widow of the deceased John Robertson merchant in Glasgow in life rent during all the days of her life and to Isobel, Jean and Katherine her daughters equally among them and to the survivorsor survivor in full one hundred and fifty pounds sterling. To Alexander Robertson, writer in Glasgow son of the said John Robertson one hundred pounds sterling".

This note is now negated as I have from several sources evidence that John married Elizabeth Murdoch. So I still do not have the key to the connection between Hutchinson and Robertson.
John, James and William
Three brothers: John, James and William Robertson. They were merchants in Glasgow and appeared to be very succesful.

John, through Robert McKay & Co, owned a plantation in Jamaica which was Heywood Hall Estate. John Sweet (born 1791) and Alexander Sweet (born 1793), nephews of John R went to the Plantation in Jamaica, one died of yellow fever and the other went to America. (Source, margin writings in Curiosities..)

John bought the state of Craigiehall in 1783 and renamed this Plantation, now part of the Clyde bank development but there is a obertson Street and an area called Plantation.

John purchased a Burgess-ship in 1775. He invested in Smihfield Iron Co, Muirkirk Iron Co, Spinningdale Cotton Co and Glasgow Cudbear Co. (Source: Tobacco Lords)

There are references in the RH15 records extracted from the Court of Session records held in Edinburgh RH15/1506 ledger Robertson McKay &co 1797-1802 (Source: Tobacco Lords)
Robert McKay & Co
Robert McKay & Co SRO CC9/7/84/253 Edinburgh records RH15 series of business records from Court of Session RH15/1506 Ledger Robertson: McKay & Co 1797-1802
This the John Robertson, brother to James and William. He owned Plantation buying it in 1783 and selling it in 1793.

Quoting from "Curiosities of Glasgow Citizenship" published in 1881.

"In 1783 Mr Robertson acquired the estate of Craigiehall, about fifty-two acres in extent, not far from the rural Clyde banks, at the junction of the Paisley Road with the quiet road leading to the ancient village of Govan. As the brothers Robertson ownedextensive possessions in the West Indies, the small-holding was called Plantation, a name which it still retains, and here he resided until the change we are about to relate took place"

John Robertson was a shareholder in Robert McKay & Co (TM Devine). Robert McKa y & Co bought the plantation 'Heywood Hall Estate', Jamaica from Mr John Heywood valued at £23,353 : SRO TD1/88 Articles of Agreement.

John Robertson was a Burgess and Guild Brethern purchased in 1775