Sweet Family West of Scotland



Man John SWEET
Woman Mary Louise O'DONNELL
Date 25 Nov 1905


On the twenty fifth of November 1905 at Birkie's Hotel, Glasgow
After publication according to the form of the Free Church of Scotland
John Sweet Grain Merchant (bachelor) aged 25 Residing at 53 Trefoil Avenue , Glasgow
Father James Sweet Grain Merchant (deceased) and Maria Sweet MS Bryce

Mary Louise O'Donnell (Spinster) aged 26 Residing at 1 Thiss wood Drive, Partick
Father John O'Donnell Fish Merchant (deceased) and
Mother Margaret O 'Donnell MS Burns

Signed William N Stovebridge minister of Shamrock Street 26, Free Church Glasgow
Witnesses Catherine Ferrerville and J Robertson Sweet

G Millar registrar