Edgely (November 2016)

In 1781 at Leith, Jean Sweet married Robert Edgely, a sailor on board His Majesty’s Ship Hector. Jean was a daughter of William Sweet formerly of Melrose, Newcastle and Leith.

Jean died intestate in Leith in 1814 and this lack of a will resulted in a testament dative being submitted by her nine relatives who applied to benefit from her estate. However at the eleventh hour a deposition was made by George Sweet on behalf of Magdalene Gibson proving that she too was a relative. The documentation lists the family connections back to William and his siblings. George is referred to as “feuar and gardener in Yetholm” which is the description of George who inherited SweetHolm from his father William (not the same William as Jean’s father). The relatives are all second cousins and so share a great grandfather. I have not yet found the sibling links that will allow me to prove the entire family connection but clearly, there is a connection.

Richard Edgely was an out clerk in the shore duties office Leith. At the time of their marriage he was a sailor on board His Majesty’s Ship Hector. HMS Hector was a 74 gun third rate ship of the line of the Royal Navy, launched 27 May 1774 at Deptford. She was converted to a prison ship in 1801 and broken up in 1816. Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Hector_(1774)